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About Tripadi Parivar

Akhil Bhartiya Tripadi Parivar, is an organization of followers of Karuna-Tripadi faith healing prayers. All the associate and volunteers of Tripadi Parivar believe in prayer healing effects of chanting of Tripadi prayer individually or in groups. Tripadi is a divine prayer which incorporates Marathi, Hindi & Gujrati devotional prayers, Sanskrit stotras and mantras. Most of them praying lord Dattatreya, his yogic Kundalini Power goddess Mahishasuramardini and incarnations of lord Dattatreya viz. Shripad Shrivallabha, Narsimha Saraswati, Vasudevanada Saraswati and Nana Maharaj. Tripadi Parivar is known for last 100 years in major Dattatreya Devasthanam in Maharashtra and all those Marathi speaking devotees of lord Dattatreya who have faith and who read the divine granth (scriptures) Shri Guru Charitra. At present Shri Gurucharitra and Shri Narsimha Saraswati Swami Maharaj whose life sketch is described in Shri Gurucharitra is known and available in Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati and English for his thousands of devotees all over world. Ganagapur Devasthanam, a tirthkshetra(holy shrine) of the devotees of lord Dattatreya and his kalayug avatar Shri Narsimha Saraswati is know for last 500 years. It is located in Gulbarga district of Karnataka state in India. Tripadi is a brief summary of Gurucharitra in the form of prayer songs. Tripadi Parivar organisation was founded, established and created by Dr. BabaSaheb alias Pradeep Taranekar with the blessings and invaluable encouragement of his gurudev and grandfather Parampujya Shri NanaMaharaj Taranekar in 1992 at Malaharashrama High School Ground, Indore amongst a huge gathering of eight thousand devotees. First time before these devotees, the research carried by Dr. Babasaheb Taranekar and his associates about prayer healing effects of Tripadi Chanting and results and documentation of surveys and research papers were presented. Also to enhance the group of followers of Tripadi prayers and to bring all the devotees under the roof of one association was publicly discussed in presence of his Holiness Nana Maharaj Taranekar and eminent dignities, researchers, experts and workers. On the basis of those discussions the Tripadi Pariver was officially registered as a trust in 1996 in the name of Vedic Science and Environmental Research Meet, a base organisation for Tripadi Parivar group activities, publications and events. Dr. BabaSaheb alias Pradeep Taranekar has been unanimously nominated founder trustee chairman of the VSERM Trust & Head of Institute. Thus from 1992 onwards Tripadi Parivar is growing steadily. At present there are more than 350 branches and communication centres of Tripadi Parivar in various state of India and abroad. Also there are 12 sister open institutes and organisational branches working in different variegated disciplines and fields which are fast growing and working in society as NGO’s for human developmental , cultural and religious activities under the able guidance of Dr. BabaSaheb alias Pradeep Taranekar.

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         It is sheer joy to inform all visitors of nanadham.com that respectable Dr. Babasaheb Taranekar's discourses on variegated subjects related to Sri Dattatreya tradition are being featured and telecast on Zee 24 Taas (Marathi) channel.Featured as part of program called "Aradhana" the first episode was aired to world audience on Thursday,13th May'2010 and following episodes will be on air every Thursday, 6:30 a.m. IST.

  So tune in to "Aradhana" on Zee 24 Taas every Thursday morning 6:30 a.m. IST !!!