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Martand Co-Operative Credit Society,Jalgaon

While operating an organization like tripadi pariwar and allied other institutes it was always a standing problem observed by Dr.Babasaheb Taranekar and his associate workers everywhere which has no complete solution at all. It was lack of funds ,financial constratints in daily neds and routine walk of lifeof a common tripadi pariwar volunteer.Hence an experiment was performed at Jalgaon centre of tripadi pariwar.Here some associate workers with Dr. Babasaheb Taranekar created a fund to form a credit co-operative society.The motto of the society was to render financial assistance to needy tripadi parivar member for basic study purpose of his ward,marriage of his daughter and construction of his shelter.Facilities were created for those volunteers who have difficulty in setting financial assistance from regular established banks etc.The funds were intended to be raised from tripadi parivar members having sound financial condition or those who intend to put funds for helping other members.The experiment clicked successfully.the society has an active membership of 450 members who are successfully running society to achieve the cause and helping needy tripady parivar members.Also the society has become a financial core centre working online with an up to date office premises extending support to other tripadi parivar projects.It has continously received "A" grade audit report classification by Government auditors.The joy on the face of a student , a married girl and a house owner is the real profit of the Martand Credit Co-operative Society.Tripadi parivar cannot create huge mansions and shelters,but it has sure created shelter in the hearts of tripadi parivar prayeres and associates like a family member.It has tried to extend an umbrella to whoever in need.
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Pa. Pu. Shri Nana Maharaj Taranekar


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