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Sadguru Shri Nana Maharaj


Shri Nana Maharaj Taranekar, he who wraps universe and yet   be the very substance of the same.He who knows no boundaries yet is the discipline personified. He who is vast sea of knowledge and still be modest and humble. He who directs the path of our lives and still be the driver of our vehicle on the road of life.He who knows no evil yet is the savior of everything good and noble in this world. He  
graced this earth to engage in a life to bless humankind of the vicious birth cycle yet always be immersed in the
devotion and realization of supreme truth “Om”. He is one for whom the words fall short of wisdom and meaning to describe. Such is the grace of Guru described aptly in Sadguru ,a compilation of selected verses from book Kavadasa based on life of H.H.Shri Nana Maharaj Taranekar.

  An incarnation of Saint Eknath , H.H.Sri Nana Maharaj belongs to a long tradition and lineage of Supreme Lord Shri Duttatreya.An ardent devotee of Lord Duttatreya and disciple of H.H. Sri Vasudevanand Saraswati Tembe Swami Maharaj , Shri Nana Maharaj Taranekar of Indore is credited with preaching of ethos of hinduism , Dutt Sampraday in turn encouraging numerous devotees to lead a life of enlightenment and devotion. His life has ever exemplified devotion,faith,austerity and virtue while his blessings still reach everyone in his omnipresent form.He is a caring yet strict and ever responsive all powerful guru to everyone while humble and submitting disciple to Lord Duttatreya pn the other hand at the same time. He has numerous devotees who rush to Indore every year on occasions of Guru Purnima,Nagpanchami (his birth occasion),Shri Dutt Jayanti and Punyatithi to seek his blessings and to take part in the celebrations. His devotees world over constitute the Akhil Bartiya Tripadi Pariwar signifying following Tripadi healing prayers with faith and devotion to Sri Duttatreya ,the supreme Lord. Shri Nana austerely practiced and preached all devotional forms like bhakti , karma , gyana and inspired people to lead a responsible devotional life.A follower of all the four ashram dharmas as outlined by shastras , he signified its importance in present context. A disciple taken to Grihastashrama (Household) on pretense of his Guru he fulfilled all his duties and responsibilities in his lifetime along with attaining knowledge and salvation at the same time that bestowed on him title of “Shri Chaitanyanand Sarasvati“ that of an austere with grace of his same Guru and lord.    Mere reading and listening to conduct of his life makes one feel blessed and inspired while mere heartly resolute reading of  “Shri Martand Mahima” (pothi)  thwarts of difficulties in life ,grants wishes and brings good luck. It tells not only about the various facets of Nana’s life but also the thirteenth chapter iterates the supreme truth and knowledge. His mantra of “Anna Shanti Sarva Shanti” ( Food charity - supreme service) is practiced indiscriminately and wholeheartedly by his devotees on every occasion they meet along to carry out prayers and devotional activities as under Tripadi parivar worldwide. Also are the various social and religious activities that reach their significant meaning due to his blessings.He is absolver of all difficulties and grantor of all the wishes. Bow to all merciful and ever responsive Samartha Sadguru Shri Chaitanyanand Sarasvati Shri Nana Maharaj !!! 
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